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  • 8 cm Christmas ornament

    8 cm Christmas baubles in glass with engraved name or other text. It is also possible to get pictures. Can be ordered in 5 different colors in matt or blank/shine. A very personal Christmas ornament that gives both parents and grandparents a wonderful recollective memory. At the same time, the child gets a fun way to look back on the pleasant experiences....

    119,00 kr
  • 7 cm Christmas ornament

    This Christmas ornament in glass we engraved with your texts. Either on the one side or both sides. The bauble is 7 cm (66 mm) and is available in 5 colors in mat or blank. On this size there is space for 2 lines. about 2 words per line or a date. We do not engraved pictures of 7 cm, but you have to go back and choose the 8 cm ornaments. You can also...

    99,00 kr